Abendsonne Special Edition with C-print by Misha de Ridder
ABENDSONNE Special Edition by Misha de Ridder / Edition 100
Photo book and C-print 'Schammhöchi' 29,5 x 35,8 cm / 11,6 x 14,1 inch

Abendsonne Special Edtion C-print

Sometimes natural phenomena can become so estranged and mysterious, that we are inclined to describe them as unreal realities. It might be the extraordinary shape of a tree, a mountain, a shadow, a cloud or the mirroring reflection of nature in a lake, but it is foremost the unfamiliarity of the natural aesthetics of reality. The photos in this book literally refer to such an unfamiliar natural phenomenon, a mysterious phenomenon known as ‘Abendsonne’.

Design: Mevis & Van Deursen

Schaden.com, NL 2011
ISBN 9783932187889